Apply Now: GE’DA’ Digital Fellowship Cohort – 5 |An African Social Innovators Bootcamp

Apply for 2023 GE’DA’ Digital Fellowship Cohort – 5 |An African Social Innovators Bootcamp

Donors for Africa Foundation launches the 5th cohort of “GE’DA Digital (An African Social Innovators Bootcamp) designed to strengthen the capacity of third sector leaders in Africa.


It is targeted at startup founders between the ages of 22 to 50 years working on any of the 17 SDGs. Innovators must be passionate about becoming transformational leaders, building sustainable enterprises, and leading truly impactful organizations.

GEDA digital is a 6-month intensive professional leadership development program that offers you a unique opportunity to become impact investment ready and develop the skills that are required to lead a sustainable enterprise, increase your personal and brand visibility, be mentored, access funds, and solve the global challenges facing Africa.

Participants are selected from diverse sectors in development from different countries in West Africa and encouraged to lead change boldly.

Program Themes

  • Course modules includes but are not limited to;
    • In-depth courses on nonprofit leadership and social innovation techniques
    • Resource Mobilization
    • Brand marketing & visibility
    • A systems approach to solving problems.
    • Impact Investment
    • Impact Assessment / Monitoring & Evaluation
    • Resilience & Leadership
    • Talent Management
    • Mentoring Engagements
    • Pitch and funding opportunities

General Benefits

  • Capacity Building Workshops
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Personal Support from a dedicated in-country manager
  • Post-fellowship support
  • Recognized professional certification in Social Enterprise Management
  • Funding Opportunity
  • Exclusive Invitation to topical growth webinars
  • Remain a valued member of the network for future events and   ongoing activities
  • Build professional credibility with this one of a kind, immersive experience
  • Life Skilling – getting comfortable with being uncomfortable
  • A global family for life!

Training Benefits

  • Group Workshops
  • Expert Sessions
  • Cash Prizes
  • Media Exposure
  • Credibility
  • Project/ Funding Referrals
  • Growth Network for Life

This Program is for you:

  • If you are passionate about Africa and the SDGs
  • Work in nonprofits of all sizes and sectors, as well as public sector leaders
  • If you supervise staff and/or complex, multi-stakeholder activities
  • Seek to develop, hone, and apply management and leadership skills
  • If you are committed to your learning and learning with others’ in an inclusive environment
  • If you are leading change and you are willing to put in the work
  • If you are looking to grow your network and commit to this experience
  • If you are ready to improve your skills and make a notable difference in the lives of your demography
  • If you want to develop and diversify your leadership pipeline
  • If you are looking to build your brand visibility
  • If you have greatness in you and want to push your limits.
What are they looking for?
  • Passion for the Intersection of your solution with any of the 17 SDGs: Your solution must be addressing any of the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Capacity to Bridge Differences: Candidates should demonstrate interest and ability to build connections between individuals with differing cultural, socio-economic, and professional backgrounds.
  • Orientation Towards Results: Candidates should describe their track record and abilities to produce tangible, successful, and positive results.
Eligibility Criteria
  • Applications are open to all Africans.
  • Applications are open to applicants from these West African countries: GhanaLiberiaNigeriaSierra Leone, and The Gambia.
  • Be the founder or hold an executive position within an organization.
  • Be available to commit to attending all sessions.
  • Applicants must be 21 – 55 years. Younger applicants are welcome if they have a strong application.
  • Must be able to attend the launch and graduation event
  • Applicant and social enterprise organization who are interested and ready to scale up their organization.
  • Must be creating positive, direct, and intended impact aligned to one or more of the SDG’s or AU Agenda 2063 / have a strong desire to.

For more information, visit GE’DA Digital Fellowship.


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