Fashionomics Africa 2023 Fashion Entrepreneur Contest | $10,000 


Fashionomics Africa 2023 Fashion Entrepreneur Contest | $10,000 

The Fashionomics Africa Contest 2023 is now accepting applications. Fashionomics Africa, in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme, Parsons School of Design, strategic consulting and communications firm BPCM, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, and the Centre for Sustainable Fashion, invites interested African fashion brands to enter the sustainable fashion online competition.

The African Development Bank is hosting an online competition to honor African fashion firms that will transform how we create, buy, wear, and recycle fashion and inspire a more sustainable shift in consumer practices.

Fashionomics Africa 2023 Fashion Entrepreneur Contest Awards

The winner will have the opportunity to win:

  • A financial reward of USD $10,000 for the best sustainable and innovative brand;
  • A Fashionomics Africa certificate;
  • Access to a network of media insiders and industry experts;
  • The possibility to take part in online events and share insights on key sustainability challenges facing the industry;
  • The publication of the winner’s story on the African Development Bank’s website and Fashionomics Africa platform;
  • The possibility to attend a Fashionomics Africa webinar as a panelist;

The finalists (2) will have the opportunity to receive:

  • A promotion package to advertise the brand on Fashionomics Africa social media for a month;
  • A Fashionomics Africa certificate;
  • A branding kit (new logo, color palette, recommended fonts, letterhead, business card, email signature).

The winner and finalists will also benefit from networking, mentoring and capacity building opportunities offered by the competition partners:

United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

The winner and two finalists will have the chance to:

  • Present the brand’s sustainability journey at an online event organized by UNEP, with the participation of African and international companies, technical organizations, fashion institutes;
  • Gain exclusive access to UNEP’s up-to-date expert network and receive exposure by being promoted through the organization’s newsletter database;
  • Benefit from bi-lateral training sessions with UNEP fashion and textile experts and receive support on eco-innovation methodology;
  • Gain exclusive access to UNEP’s up-to-date eco-innovation resources and materials on subjects related to fashion and textile sustainability.


  • Provide the winner with three online one-to-one mentoring sessions (three hours) to strengthen the business’ communication strategy;
  • Provide each finalist with a one-to-one mentoring session to strengthen the businesses’ communication strategy.

Format of the mentoring sessions:

  • BPCM will share questions for the winner and finalists to answer to, this will help select the best representatives from the BPCM team to support;
  • BPCM will schedule the mentorship sessions;
  • BPCM does not commit to the creation of any assets or collateral for the winner and finalists. The mentorship hours are voluntary for the winner or finalists.

Parsons School of Design

The winner will receive:

  • 2 individual project development mentoring sessions with Parsons School of Design, Director of the Joseph and Gail Gromek Institute for Fashion Business, Abrima Erwiah;
  • 1 group critique session to support project development with Parsons School of Design faculty members.

Ellen MacArthur Foundation

  • Provide two mentoring sessions (one for the winner and one for the finalists) with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation fashion team.

Fashionomics Africa 2023 Fashion Entrepreneur Contest Eligibility

  • Open to fashion entrepreneurs of 18 years of age and above, operating in the textile, apparel, and accessories industry in Africa.
  • Entrants must pursue environmentally friendly, sustainable and circular economy measures to qualify.
  • Priority will be given to youth (18-35 years old) and women-led fashion businesses.
  • Applicants should have an African passport and/or live in an African country and have an identification document like a passport, national ID Card or Voters Card issued in an African country.
  • Participants must have launched a fashion business and operate in the textile (fabric making), apparel (clothing) or accessories (jewelry, bags, etc.) sector. Recently launched businesses are encouraged to apply. Proof of business registration will be requested.

Fashionomics Africa 2023 Fashion Entrepreneur Contest Application

Applications must be received no later than January 18, 2023 at 23h59 GMT. Applications submitted after this date will be automatically declined.

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