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Finding the right mortgage lender for manufactured and mobile home financing can be challenging. 21st Mortgage Corporation stands out as a leading lender in this niche market, offering tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of homebuyers. This blog post provides a comprehensive overview of 21st Mortgage Corporation, its services, and why it might be the perfect choice for your manufactured or mobile home financing needs.

What is 21st Mortgage Corporation?

Founded in 1995 and headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee, 21st Mortgage Corporation specializes in providing financing for manufactured and mobile homes. The company has grown significantly and now serves customers nationwide. Known for its expertise in this specific market, 21st Mortgage Corporation offers a range of loan products designed to help individuals and families achieve homeownership.

Key Features of 21st Mortgage Corporation

  • Specialization in Manufactured and Mobile Homes: Focused expertise in financing for manufactured and mobile homes.
  • Wide Range of Loan Products: Offers various loan options including new and pre-owned home loans, land and home loans, and refinancing.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: Dedicated to providing personalized service and tailored financing solutions.
  • Nationwide Service: Licensed and operating across the United States, ensuring broad accessibility for homebuyers.

Loan Products Offered by 21st Mortgage Corporation

1. Home Only Loans

These loans are designed for purchasing a manufactured or mobile home without the need to finance land. They are ideal for homes located in parks or on leased land. Key benefits include:

  • Competitive fixed interest rates
  • Terms ranging from 5 to 25 years
  • No prepayment penalties

2. Land and Home Loans

These loans finance both the home and the land on which it sits. This option is suitable for buyers looking to place their home on a piece of property they own or intend to purchase. Features include:

  • Fixed interest rates
  • Terms up to 30 years
  • Flexibility to finance new or pre-owned homes

3. Construction Loans

For those looking to build a manufactured home on a piece of land, 21st Mortgage offers construction loans. These loans cover the construction costs and can be converted to a permanent mortgage once the home is completed.

4. Refinancing Options

21st Mortgage also provides refinancing options for existing manufactured home loans. Benefits of refinancing can include lower monthly payments, reduced interest rates, and access to home equity.

Why Choose 21st Mortgage Corporation?

1. Specialized Expertise

21st Mortgage’s deep understanding of the manufactured and mobile home market sets it apart from traditional lenders. Their specialized knowledge ensures that borrowers receive the best advice and loan products tailored to their unique needs.

2. Flexible Loan Options

With a variety of loan products available, 21st Mortgage can accommodate a wide range of financial situations and homebuyer goals. Whether you’re buying a new home, refinancing, or constructing a new property, they have options to suit your needs.

3. Personalized Customer Service

The company prides itself on offering exceptional customer service. Their loan officers work closely with borrowers to guide them through the financing process, from application to closing, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience.

4. Competitive Rates and Terms

21st Mortgage offers competitive interest rates and flexible loan terms, making homeownership more accessible and affordable for a diverse group of buyers.

Getting Started with 21st Mortgage Corporation

1. Pre-Qualification

Start by getting pre-qualified to understand how much you can afford to borrow. This involves a preliminary review of your financial situation and creditworthiness.

2. Application

Complete a mortgage application with 21st Mortgage. Provide necessary documentation such as income statements, credit reports, and details about the home and property you wish to finance.

3. Loan Processing

21st Mortgage’s loan officers will process your application, verify your information, and assess your eligibility for various loan options. They will work with you to select the best mortgage product for your needs.

4. Closing

Once your loan is approved, you will proceed to the closing phase. Review and sign the necessary documents, and once finalized, the funds will be disbursed, allowing you to take ownership of your new home.


21st Mortgage Corporation is a leading lender for manufactured and mobile home financing, offering specialized loan products and exceptional customer service. Their expertise, flexible loan options, and competitive rates make them a top choice for homebuyers looking to finance manufactured or mobile homes. Whether you’re purchasing, refinancing, or constructing a new home, 21st Mortgage has the solutions to meet your needs.

For more information, visit the 21st Mortgage Corporation official website and start your journey towards homeownership today.


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