Immersion Program of Young Graduates in ECOWAS Institutions 2024

Immersion Program of Young Graduates in ECOWAS Institutions 2024

The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) launches the immersion internship program for young graduates in ECOWAS institutions. The program is open to young graduates from the ECOWAS Member States, aged32 years or less.

Immersion Program of Young Graduates

• The Immersion Program for young graduates in ECOWAS institutions lasts one year over a period of 12 months maximum {Non-renewable}.
• The Program is carried out in the Departments, Agencies, Permanent Representatives and Institutions of ECOWAS, or any other place duly designated by ECOWAS.
• At the end of the program, the young graduate beneficiaries, produces a report in three copies, one copy being sent to the HDSA Department, second copy to the user department and the third copy for the individual record of the young graduate in person.
• The practical modalities of the program will be defined in connection with the reception structure.
• Selected young graduate will be required (mandatory) to participate in person or online (for those not living in Abuja) in any information or program feedback meeting convened by the Program Coordination accordingly.

Immersion Program of Young Graduates Eligibility

1. Be a citizen of an ECOWAS Member States
2. Hold a Certificate, at the Bachelor (BSc), Master, PhD or equivalent certificate.

3. Young graduates from ECOWAS Member States, not more than 32 years of age

Immersion Program of Young Graduates Application

▪ a request to the ECOWAS Commissioner in charge of Human Development and Social Affairs which describes the motivation of the candidate with expression of his centers of interest, the choice of the profile requested, the desired location of the immersion, as well as the candidate’s commitment
to respect the terms and conditions of the program.
▪ a Curriculum vitae (pdf).
▪ a copy of a national identity card or passport (ID) (pdf or jpeg).
▪ a copy of the academic certificates or its equivalent (pdf).

Deadline: August 31, 2023.

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