Kofi Annan Global Health Leadership Programme for Africa 2023 (Fully-funded)


Kofi Annan Global Health Leadership Programme for Africa 2023 (Fully-funded)

Applications are now being accepted for the Africa CDC Kofi Annan Global Health Leadership Program 2023. In order to design, manage, and lead public health initiatives that will revolutionize public health in Africa, ambitious Public Health Leaders (Fellows) from Africa are supported in acquiring advanced skills and competencies.

Fellows accepted into the program will be senior public health professionals from African Union Member States who will assist in and oversee the implementation of a new public health order for Africa. They will also serve as mentors and educators for the continent’s future public health leaders.

Kofi Annan Global Health Leadership Programme for Africa 2023 Programme Details

The Fellowship will fund a year of advanced public health leadership training at the highest professional level, including learning how to influence policy, manage change, and engage in health diplomacy. Fellows will receive assistance from seasoned professionals in pertinent disciplines from Africa and the diaspora.

After completing the program, Fellows would have acquired the following skills:

  • for competent leadership styles that influence and empower others to achieve challenging multidimensional health goals;
  • to frame and develop a viable strategic vision for bold, yet attainable goals for positive health outcomes;
  • for well-rounded globally competent leadership with attributes such as vision, resilience, flexibility and efficiency;
  • to steer the complex environment of public health practice to achieve and maintain positive impact; and in health politics, negotiation, partnerships, and health diplomacy.

Kofi Annan Global Health Leadership Programme for Africa 2023 Cost

  • Africa CDC will provide all learning and development materials and meet all costs associated with the fellowship, including travel, daily allowance and insurance during the residential placements.
  • Fellows will be supported to ensure that they have the relevant software for online learning.

Kofi Annan Global Health Leadership Programme for Africa 2023 Eligibility

  • Applicant must be citizens of an African Union Member State;
  • Possess a postgraduate degree in a relevant field in public health;
  • Have 10 years of professional experience in any field of public health, including but not limited to one health, medicine, finance, health economics, health policy, animal health, or environmental health;
  • Be in full-time employment in any area of public health, in a private or public institution in Africa;
  • Have a good track record or be able to demonstrate the potential for effective public health leadership where they can positively impact the public health outcomes of populations.

Kofi Annan Global Health Leadership Programme for Africa 2023 Application

All applications must be submitted using the online application form. Incomplete applications will not be considered. All applicants must provide the following required information:

  • A support letter from the current employer to confirm employment, guaranteeing that the candidate will be allowed enough time to participate in the Fellowship programme and to attend the full eight weeks of institutional residential experience.
  • Letters of recommendation from two reputable professional referees.
  • A personal statement (maximum 400 words) providing evidence of the candidate’s commitment to public health in Africa detailing the following:
    • Their leadership experience and professional attainment
    • Their vision of, and the future impact of effective public health leadership in Africa
    • How they would champion public health initiatives in Africa
  • A leadership challenge project proposal (maximum 400 words) that outlines a potential leadership challenge project they will implement which is feasible to complete with in the 12 month of the fellowship. The proposal should include a title, brief description of the challenge (the what, the who is affected, and the why), a proposed strategy for a solution, and the expected outcome.

Deadline: January 15, 2023

Apply here

For more information, visit KA-GHLP.


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