Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships 2023/2024 for Master Study in a Low or Middle-income Commonwealth country | Fully Funded

Applications for the much-anticipated Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships are now being accepted. The Commonwealth Scholarship 2023 is a fantastic opportunity to study abroad and explore a new place and culture, as well as to increase your network by studying with students from other nations and expanding your school of thought. The international grant is available to potential graduate students who are looking for professional development and want to learn the skills needed for a successful career. For students from low- to middle-income nations, Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships are available for a two-year master’s program. The fellowship is intended to help students from Commonwealth countries who are unable to complete postgraduate studies owing to financial constraints.

Master’s scholarships assist students in upgrading their competency during the scholarship period and help them acquire competitive skills needed for their future careers. UK scholarships are creating a positive change and contributing to global development by helping students and supporting them to overcome challenges with practical solutions. Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship 2023 is a highly competitive scholarship for talented students to support them in acquiring skills for achieving sustainability through international collaboration.

The Commonwealth Scholarship is a beacon of hope for exceptional and bright individuals who desire to contribute to global development but are unable to do so owing to financial constraints. Furthermore, students will have the opportunity to study at top-ranked international universities under the guidance of renowned instructors and mentors. The Commonwealth guarantees that the main aim of achieving sustainable development goals via outstanding higher education is met through this scholarship.

Commonwealth of Queen Elizabeth By participating in cultural exchange and scholarly collaboration, scholars aspire to make a positive effect in their home countries and the places they visit. As active network members, scholars will help define the Commonwealth’s destiny. The scholarship program is available in five major areas. Through research and excellent teaching skills, universities are making efforts to create a world free of worries and crisis. Universities aim to broaden knowledge through international collaboration and strengthen bonding with different nations.

QECS Scholarships 2023 intends to influence students with life-changing opportunities to experience a new country’s international environment and culture. The purpose of the Commonwealth Scholarships is to create a better world. The fully funded scholarship covers expenses related to studying abroad, including full tuition fees, living expenses, economy-class air tickets, and more.

The fully-funded scholarship program is aimed at students committed to positively impacting their communities. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go to a new nation and culture, extend one’s perspectives, and form a lasting worldwide network. Queen Elizabeth commonwealth scholarships are offered to students from commonwealth countries, so do not miss the chance and avail the opportunity to build a bright and prosperous future. So what are you waiting for? Scroll down and apply now so you can take advantage of this excellent opportunity to study abroad.

Available Fields for Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships:

University of Eswatini

  • MA History
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Master of Nursing Science in Family Nurse Practice
  • MEd Adult Education
  • MEd Curriculum and Teaching
  • MEd Educational Foundations and Management
  • MEd Primary Education
  • MSc Agricultural and Applied Economics
  • MSc Agricultural Education
  • MSc Agricultural Extension
  • MSc Animal Science
  • MSc Chemistry
  • MSc Computational Physics
  • MSc Conservation Ecology
  • MSc Consumer Science Education
  • MSc Crop Protection
  • MSc Crop Science
  • MSc Environmental Resources Management
  • MSc Food Science and Technology
  • MSc Horticulture
  • MSc Mathematics
  • MSc Midwifery
  • MSc Textiles

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST)

  • MArch (Master of Architecture)
  • MPhil Agribusiness Management
  • MPhil Agricultural Economics
  • MPhil Agricultural Extension and Development Communication
  • MPhil Agroforestry
  • MPhil Agronomy
  • MPhil Agronomy (Crop Physiology)
  • MPhil Animal Nutrition
  • MPhil Aquaculture and Environment
  • MPhil Architectural Studies – Two Years
  • MPhil Animal Breeding and Genetics
  • MPhil Construction Management
  • MPhil Crop Protection (Entomology)
  • MPhil Crop Protection (Nematology)
  • MPhil Crop Protection (Plant Virology)
  • MPhil Fisheries Management
  • MPhil Fruit Crops Production
  • MPhil Landscape Studies
  • MPhil Crop Protection (Plant Pathology)
  • MPhil Meat Science
  • MPhil Natural Resources and Environmental Governance
  • MPhil Packaging Technology and Management
  • MPhil Postharvest Technology
  • MPhil Procurement Management
  • MPhil Reproductive Physiology
  • MPhil Seed Science and Technology
  • MPhil Plant Breeding
  • MPhil Silviculture and Forest Management
  • MPhil Soil Science
  • MPhil Vegetable Crops Production
  • MPhil Watershed Management
  • MPhil Wildlife and Range Management
  • MPhil Wood Science and Technology
  • MSc Agribusiness Management
  • MSc Agricultural Extension and Development Communication
  • MSc Construction Management (One Year)
  • MSc Geo-Information Science for Natural Resources Management
  • MSc Procurement Management (One Year)
  • MSc Project Management (One Year)

University of West Indies

  • Caribbean Studies
  • Creative Arts
  • Global African Studies
  • Heritage Studies
  • MAHistory
  • Linguistics
  • Master of Education
  • Master of Laws
  • Master Public Health
  • MSc Banking & Finance
  • MSc Business Analytics
  • MSc Financial Management
  • MSc Human Resource Management
  • MSc Integration Studies
  • MSc International Trade Policy
  • MSc Value Addition for Food and Nutrition Security
  • MSc Financial and Business Economics
  • MSc Investment and Wealth Management
  • MSc Marketing
  • MSc Labour & Employment Relations
  • MSc Nursing
  • MSc Renewable Energy Management
  • MSc Sport Sciences
  • MA Public History and Caribbean Heritage
  • Master of Public Health
  • MEd Educational Leadership and Management
  • MSc Advanced Electronics Systems
  • MSc Agricultural Entrepreneurship
  • MSc Development Studies
  • MSc Medical Physics
  • MSc National Security and Strategic Studies
  • MSc Natural Resource Management – Disaster Risk Management
  • MSc Natural Resource Management – Integrated Urban and Rural Environmental Management
  • MSc Natural Resource Management – Marine and Terrestrial Ecosystem
  • MSc Occupational and Environmental Safety and Health
  • MSc Renewable Energy Management
  • MSc Renewable Energy Technology
  • MSc Sports Business Management
  • MSc Tourism and Hospitality Management
  • MA History
  • Master of Applied Science Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Master of Laws
  • MSc Agricultural Economics
  • MSc Agri-Food Safety & Quality Assurance
  • MSc Biotechnology
  • MSc Chemical and Process Engineering
  • MSc Chemical and Process Engineering with Environmental Engineering
  • MSc Chemical and Process Engineering with Management
  • MSc Civil Engineering
  • MSc Civil with Environmental Engineering
  • MSc Computer Sciences
  • MSc Engineering Management
  • MSc Food Science and Technology
  • MSc Geoinformatics
  • MSc Management Studies
  • MSc Manufacturing Engineering and Management
  • MSc Marketing and Agribusiness
  • MSc Mathematics
  • MSc Occupational & Environmental Safety & Health
  • MSc Petroleum Engineering and Management
  • MSc Reservoir Engineering
  • MSc Sport Management
  • MSc Tourism Development & Management
  • MSc Tropical Animal Science and Production
  • MSc Tropical Crop Protection
  • MSc Urban and Regional Planning

University of Mauritius

  • Master of Public Health

COMSATS University Islamabad

  • MS Mathematics
  • MS Physics

State University of Zanzibar

  • Education Youth and Gender Development
  • MSc Information Technology
  • MSc Climate Change and Natural Resource

Makerere University

  • Gender Studies
  • MSc Agribusiness Management
  • MSc Civil Engineering
  • MSc Food Safety and Quality Management
  • MSc Renewable Energy

Host Countries for Commonwealth Scholarships:

  • Bangladesh
  • Eswatini
  • Jamaica
  • Ghana
  • Malaysia
  • Mauritius
  • Pakistan
  • Tanzania
  • Uganda

Participating Host Universities for Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships

  • University of Dhaka
  • University of Eswatini
  • Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST)
  • The University of the West Indies
  • Universiti Putra Malaysia
  • University of Malaya
  • University of Mauritius
  • COMSATS University Islamabad
  • State University of Zanzibar
  • Makerere University


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