Call for Applications: Sandbox Elsewhere Hub for Young Leaders 2023

Call for Applications: Sandbox Elsewhere Hub for Young Leaders 2023

Sandbox Elsewhere Hub for Young Leaders 2023 is currently accepting applications. People who are interested in celebrating the difficulties and the wonder of belonging nowhere and everywhere can submit an application to the Sandbox Elsewhere Hub.

Sandbox is a diverse group of nomads, businesspeople, journalists, scholars, politicians, artists, and unstoppable misfits from over a hundred different nations. Together, they aim to grow into their true selves, build important connections, find resources for living fulfilled lives, and make a major effect on the world.

Sandbox is a vibrant, changing global family where independent people can be themselves with one another. They frequently get together in an effort to better understand and support one another’s professional and personal development. Core animating values include sincerity, empathy, a strong sense of what is possible, and joy for what may be shared or created together. They discuss sensitive topics, difficult situations, and other issues that come up when you are actively engaged in the world.

Sandbox Elsewhere Hub for Young Leaders Eligibility

The Sandbox Elsewhere Hub is accepting application from engaged and engaging people willing to celebrate the challenges and the magic of belonging nowhere and everywhere.

  • Are you 20-33 years old at the time of your application? (Applicants above 33 years old at the time of application will be considered on a case-by-case basis)
  • Are you a curious human who wants to move mountains?
  • Are you open to vulnerability yet driven to make a positive change in your community?
  • Are you based in a city without an existing Sandbox hub?
  • A nomad at heart or in real life?

Then apply to join the 2023 Sandbox Elsewhere cohort!

Sandbox Elsewhere Hub for Young Leaders Application

Applications are live until midnight EST, Sunday 16 July 2023. The application process will consist of three stages:

  • The online form
  • Interview with a Sandboxer (first few weeks of August 2023)
  • A creative WOW project to showcase what you can bring to the community (late August 2023)

Apply here

For more information, visit Sandbox.


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