Accelerator for UN Global Compact Business and Human Rights 2023


Accelerator for UN Global Compact Business and Human Rights 2023

The UN Global Compact Business and Human Rights Accelerator 2023 is currently accepting applications. The Business and Human Rights Accelerator is a six-month initiative that engages businesses from various sectors and geographical areas in the UN Global Compact. By building a continuous human rights due diligence process, this practical approach will assist you in moving from commitment to action on human rights and labor rights.

The fundamental tenet of human rights is that every individual has a right to be treated with dignity. Businesses frequently have an impact on the human rights of their own workers, workers under contract, people in their supply chains, residents in the area where they operate, and even the final consumers of their goods or services. They affect almost all of the internationally acknowledged human rights, whether directly or indirectly. As a result, businesses have a duty and a chance to promote human rights throughout their operations, supply networks, and other areas.

Is your business able to demonstrate that it is not a party to violations of international human rights declarations while also supporting and upholding those rights?

UN Global Compact Business and Human Rights 2023 Benefits

You will learn:

  • How to identify your responsibilities in respecting human rights and labour rights, expressed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Labour Organization’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.
  • How to establish an ongoing human rights due diligence process in line with international standards.
  • How to report and communicate on your human rights due diligence journey, including through the Communication on Progress, the annual public disclosure requirement for all UN Global Compact participants.

You will gain:

  • An awareness of where your organization stands in terms of human rights.
  • An assessment of present and possible negative human rights consequences, as well as the ability to prioritize action.
  • The ability to reduce the effects of your human rights violations, including grievance processes and remedies.
  • Methods for involving stakeholders in business impacts.
  • A strategy for advancing human rights in your organization and beyond.
  • A network of peers, UN partners, and professionals to help you on your human rights journey and to work together to overcome persisting challenges to human rights due diligence.
  • A certificate demonstrating program completion.

UN Global Compact Business and Human Rights 2023 Eligibility

  • The UN Global Compact invites companies everywhere to join the Business & Human Rights Accelerator. In order to take part, companies are required to be participating companies of the UN Global Compact and currently engaged with a Global Compact Local Network in their region or willing to join one.

UN Global Compact Business and Human Rights 2023 Application

The Accelerator programme will commence with an opening webinar in February 2023. The exact start date of Local Network sessions is to be confirmed.

Deadline: December 16, 2022

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