For Women’s Businesses: Digital Financial Inclusion


For Women’s Businesses: Digital Financial Inclusion

The Asian Development Bank’s mission and commitment to achieving a prosperous, inclusive, resilient, and sustainable Asia and the Pacific is driving them to call on fintech and non-financial services-related technology solutions from all ADB Member Countries to improve the credit rating of women’s businesses in Pakistan.

We welcome fintech and non-financial services-related technological solutions that can help provide a conduit for alternative data points that can flow into Pakistani financial institutions’ credit scoring models. This enhanced exposure of alternative data points would allow financial institutions to have a better picture of the financial status of women-led small and medium-sized companies (WSMEs), allowing FIs to assess them more accurately and fairly.

Organizations would need to be active (in existence) for more than three years.

What’s in it for you?

By participating, you could have the opportunity to receive:

  • US$50,000 seed funding for a PoC with the chance to have a full-scale commercial rollout with a selected Financial Institution in Pakistan
  • Mentoring and networking from ADB experts and its partners
  • Be considered to be part of the ADB solutions catalogue and be considered for existing ADB projects

Selection criteria

The projects will be assessed following the criteria below:

  • Technology (30%) – How user-friendly and straightforward the solution is, as well as how well it addresses the issue statement using a creative strategy and excellent design.
  • Impact (30%) – How much the technological solution may improve Pakistani FIs’ evaluation of WSMEs’ creditworthiness utilizing different data points and expand their access to financing.
  • (20%) Presentation Is the presentation thorough? Does the presentation describe how they are resolving the issue, the difficulties, and their capacity to act and make a difference? Would ADB find this group to be a good partner?
  • Budget and Work Scope (20%) – The ability of the technological solution to be scaled-up in terms of technical, economic, and social factors. The extend to which the proposed budget is realistic, within scope, and accounts for unknown challenges. The feasibility to implement the solution at scale.


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