African start-ups can now enter Global Startup Awards


African start-ups can now enter Global Startup Awards

The 2023 Global Startup Awards in Africa are now accepting submissions. Now accepting applications are startups, business owners, and innovation organizations at all phases of the growth cycle.

In addition to giving African start-ups global exposure, the competition, organized in collaboration with the Global Innovation Initiative Group (GIIG), also provides investment options via the GIIG Africa Fund.

The request for competition entries comes as world leaders near the midpoint in their efforts to meet the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of eradicating poverty, combating inequality, and halting climate change by the deadline of 2030. Seven years later, nations all across the world are on course to achieve nearly none of them.

This is no different in Africa – a continent where 40% of all people continue to live in extreme poverty, and where less than half of the African Union member states have experienced sustainable socio-economic growth since the early 2000s.

To achieve the 2030 deadline, African leaders will need to quadruple their efforts and double down on investments into innovation and ingenuity.

Answering this call, organisers are excited to announce the 2023 edition of the African Startup Awards – the largest independent startup ecosystem competition with the mission to find, recognise, network and accelerate future-shaping ideas with the potential to create positive change and improve the quality of life of Africans.

A continent-wide opportunity for SDG-aligned solutions with global importance, GSA Africa is now in its second year and focuses on, among other things, agriculture, climate, commerce, education, healthcare, mobility, and logistics. Start-ups that support Web3 technology, resilient business models, green innovation, and diversity in the workplace are of particular interest.

Participants in the year-long competition will first compete at the national level before attempting to advance to the regional finals. After that, in August 2023, the GSA Africa Summit will bring together the continent’s leading innovators in person for a two-day conference and gala dinner to bring together, connect, and celebrate Africa’s most creative minds.

Jo Griffiths, co-founder of GSA Africa, says that: “Historically, Africa has had to battle against this narrative of the ‘dark dontinent’ – but if we learnt anything from last year’s competition, which gathered more than 7 000 entries – it’s that Africa is a continent brimming with world-class talent, with impact-driven ideas, and with ample opportunities to scale.

“We’re incredibly excited to spend this next season  connecting with the next cohort of leaders in African innovation, and to support their growth with new opportunities for funding, access to market, and mentorship at a global level.”

With categories for start-ups, investors, ecosystem enablers and individuals, winners of the African Startup Awards will also gain exclusive access to the GSA Alumni Network – an invite-only club to fast-track startup outcomes and connect members with regional and global stakeholders, as well as  matchmaking opportunities between active investors, successful start-ups, accelerator and incubator programs, and like-minded government initiatives.

Commenting on his experience of the African Startup Awards is the winner of last season’s award for Best HealthTech Startup in Africa, Ryan Marincowitz, the founder and CEO of MyHealth Africa.

He says, “I highly recommend start-ups of all verticals to apply for the GSA Africa competition, as it introduces founders to a wide range of funding and investment opportunities, as was our case. But what was also amazing was that, while not everyone was a winner, we all still benefitted from mentorship and training workshops on issues such as global market access, which are another part of the programme.”

Adding to this is Kim Balle, co-founder of GSA Global says, “In addition to these investment, networking and mentorship opportunities, startup winners of the African awards will also be invited to attend the Global Grand Finale taking place in Copenhagen, Denmark, in March 2023. Here, Africa’s top innovators will have the chance to engage with a range of potential partners from innovation ecosystems from across the globe.”

The second edition of the African Startup Awards comes as the continent becomes home to more than 1 000 active start-ups, which together raised more than US$ 1 billion in venture capital in 2021.

Furthermore, research conducted by the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa has found that achieving the SDGs could open $12 trillion in market opportunities and create 380 million jobs for Africans by 2030.

Speaking to the significance of investing in African start-ups, Mahyar Makhzani, co-founder of GIIG, adds: “It’s important to also recognise that cross-border initiatives such as the Africa Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) create amplified opportunities to scale innovation from one region to another.

“By partnering with GSA Africa, the GIIG Africa Fund is well positioned to invest in and assist the continent’s top start-ups to harness these transnational developments – however in doing so, we’re also looking for more partners at the national, regional level and global levels, who can ensure that this process is as seamless as possible.”


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