The NEC Innovation Challenge for Global Startups


The NEC Innovation Challenge for Global Startups

NEC is searching for the next group of trailblazers that can offer the best solutions and ideas. To ensure that their aim to harness technology and digital solutions could be accomplished, NEC developed the NEC Innovation Challenge.

The goal of NEC is to find entrepreneurs that can offer fresh, original solutions for one of the following major issues: healthcare and life sciences, metaverse, or carbon neutrality. We’d want to hear from you if you have an idea that could fix one of these issues.

By participating in this challenge, you could access the following:
  • The Grand Winner will receive USD20,000to coverProof of Concepts
  • Unprecedentedaccess to NEC X’s venture studio and travel to Silicon Valley
  • Funding opportunities by NOFF CVC and access to the BIRD INITIATIVE Startup studio to help support your company’s development

NEC Innovation Challenge Themes

The goal of NEC is to gather the world’s brightest brains to create tomorrow’s new unicorn ideas. Startups and NEC staff are invited to submit proof of concepts for new creative products or technological services that address one of the three major themes listed below as part of the NEC Innovation Challenge.

  • Healthcare & Lifescience
  • Metaverse
  • Carbon Neutrality

NEC Innovation Challenge Prize and incentives

4 different types of prizes await our selected startups!

  • NEC Prize
    Proof of Concept of up to US$20,000
  • NEC X Prize
    Access to the NEC X venture studio and travel to Silicon Valley for the kickoff week (flight and hotel expenses covered for 1 person)
  • NOFF Prize
    Discussions for funding from NOFF
    *NOFF (NEC Orchestrating Future Fund) is a multi-LP corporate venture capital managed by Translink Capital as a GP. NEC is an Anchor LP for the fund
    Access to the BIRD startup studio

NEC Innovation Challenge Final Event

March 10, 2023 – Online
The final of The NEC Global Innovation Challenge will be attended by the 10 selected finalists. They will have the opportunity to pitch their solution to a panel of senior management from NEC.


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