Apply Now: Global Youth & News Media Prize 2023

Global Youth & News Media Prize

Apply Now: Global Youth & News Media Prize 2023

Nominations are open for the Global Youth & News Media Prize 2023. Educators and news organizations will be honored by a special Press Freedom Teaching Award in the 2023 edition of the Global Youth & News Media Prize.

The award will recognize excellence in making sure that students develop a thorough understanding of the crucial role of journalism in society and of the sometimes-deadly risks for people who do this work. This award will serve as the news/literacy category for this year’s prize. The News/Media Literacy Award seeks to honor frontline teachers and news media organizations in the quest to help students understand the “why” of press freedom.

Global Youth & News Media Prize Background

In 2021, Global Youth & News Media Prize created a Press Freedom Teacher award in its News/Media Literacy category to recognize the front-line teachers who were making sure students learned that quality journallism is a good thing to have around and that some people faced grave dangers just to do that job.

The first awards went to three teachers in 2021 and were given in memory of Scott Schurz (1936-2021), a local and global champion of both press freedom and youth engagement. The laureates were: Janis Schacter (USA), Marisabelle Bellido Terán (Bolivia) and Olawale (Ibrahim) Gbenusola (Nigeria).

Global Youth & News Media Prize Eligibility

  • Open to educators at the primary or secondary level of instruction teaching in any kind of class at any kind of institution. You can nominate yourself or someone else can nominate you.
  • A news outlet on any platform and organizations that represent journalists or news organizations or NGOs whose activities support those groups can enter. They expect that you will be nominating your own organization.
  • Entries can be self-nominated or submitted by another entity or individual.

Global Youth & News Media Prize Application

These are the two key questions you need to answer about your activity:

  1. What do you do?
    Description of your actions that align with the award theme
  2. How do you know it works?
    The results, however you measure them (including how you assure its financial sustainability).

Your entry itself can come in one of two formats answering the above two questions. It will be judged on two criteria. Again, you can submit it yourself or someone else can nominate you, such as a colleague, student(s), etc.

Two Entry Format Choices:

They will tell you where to send your entries once they have received your registration.

  • A Powerpoint stack of less than 5 MB (using 72 dpi pictures, for example). Send them the ppt or a pdf file. OR
  • A 3-minute video (uploaded anywhere with open access and with the original video file available if needed). You send the link. Subtitles in English are required, even if the video is in English.

In any format, be sure to identify your organization at the beginning.

Entry Filename

This is the structure you should use for your entry filename and for any email you send:


Deadline: July 1, 2023

Click here to register

For more information, visit Global Youth & News Media Prize.

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