Apply Now: African German Young Leaders in Business (AGYLE) Programme 2023

Apply Now: African German Young Leaders in Business (AGYLE) Programme 2023

Apply Now: African German Young Leaders in Business (AGYLE) Programme 2023

The African German Young Leaders in Business (AGYLE) Programme 2023 is now accepting applications. AGYLE creates a bridge between young African and German leaders and a long-term business network.

A jury chooses forty competitors from Germany and Africa. All young leaders are then invited to a multi-day event where they build novel business models, network, and form a sustainable business network that connects both continents with prior years’ Young Leaders.

In 2022, the young leaders discussed green innovation and climate change; in 2023, AGYLE will focus on digital transformation.

AGYLE’s motto for 2023: Digital transformation – young leaders working towards a green and inclusive future

Digital transformation has a profound impact on all areas of our professional and private lives: providing an increase in networking opportunities, new disruptive business models and independent access to communication technologies and information, digital technologies offer great potential to facilitate social, economic and political participation for all. At the same time, it also poses challenges: existing inequalities in access e.g. to education or capital may be reinforced further, thus exacerbating disadvantages between men and women, or between rural and urban communities, et cetera. Young leaders from the “digital natives” generation in particular have a special responsibility here. Digital innovations tend to be cross-sectoral and can be applied to many different fields: from e-agriculture to Industry 4.0, from FinTech to FemTech, from e-mobility to e-commerce and e-government, there are countless approaches aimed at harmonising economic change and inclusive development.

The focus of the 2023 AGYLE programme is therefore on general ideas and visions by young leaders who have recognised digital transformation as a key driver for addressing global challenges and are embracing innovative digital solutions e.g. in the following areas: education, healthcare, climate, energy, trade, and sustainable business. Because an ecologically sustainable and socially just transformation of society can only succeed if young leaders join forces in developing new solutions and business models.

African German Young Leaders Benefits

  • Exclusive access to an international business network and new, long-term corporate contacts and business relationships
  • Development of innovative ideas and new business models
  • Professional and interdisciplinary collaboration at eye-level with experts, mentors, participants
  • Exchange of experience with other young leaders from participating countries
  • Positioning as a representative of the home country
  • Support in international positioning as a young leader and promotion of career development
  • Cultural insights into the participating countries

African German Young Leaders Eligibility

Open to young leaders:

  • up to 40 years of age;
  • from the fields of business, politics, media or civil society;
  • from Germany, Ghana, Rwanda, Senegal, Tunisia;
  • who has already taken on professional leadership responsibility;
  • who is socially engaged in addition to her/his professional activities;
  • who is interested in African-German topics – previous experience, already existing cooperations or projects in Africa are not necessary;
  • who is willing to actively participate in the Young Leaders Alumni network.

African German Young Leaders Application

In addition to a letter of motivation, a letter of recommendation and a CV, participants must also submit a short personal video statement. A jury will review all submitted documents after the official application deadline.

Deadline: April 16, 2023

Apply here

For more information, visit AGYLE.


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