A single/private organization is looking for a female personal secretary.
Date Posted: 18/08/2023
Position Title: Data Assistant/secretary
Monthly Salary: #50,000 (last day of the month)
Venue: Work remotely (work from home)
Duration: 24/7 (depending on the need)
Responsibility: Data management, Data analysis, record keeping, financial keeping, fast email communications, online search, work online website.


1. At least a national diploma holder
2. Applicant with Computer training certificate will be given a very high priority
3. Female candidate
4. Must have experience working with computers (typing, data-analysis software)
5. Must have experience/ perfect knowledge of how to use 1. MS World, Corel draw, excel, and any graphical software’s. Must have 24-hour internet access. Must be able to use internet search (the work has to do with a lot of websites and internet searching). Must have good communication skills for replying to emails. Ability to handle financial records.
6. Good statistical analytic skills
7. Must be self-motivated and able to work at a fast pace.
8. Optional: ability to use GraphPad prism, SPSS,
Please send your CV to
You will receive acknowledgment response and if possible, an invite for interview within 24 hrs

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